Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Playing Russian roulette..

(Seekord midagi teistsugust ja vaid inglise keeles, järgmine nädal jälle rohkem võistlustest ;))

Imagine something like this.
So you are waiting in a line at the grocery store, the line is kinda long and you are in a kinda hurry. But you don’t really care that other people are there same as you, maybe some have more time, maybe some are in a hurry too, maybe some just came to chat with the cashier. Well you just don’t care what other people are doing there, you just want to get to the cashier first. So you bought a gun and you have one bullet in it, so you pull it out and play Russian roulette with the people in line in front of you, just to save some time of yours, it doesnt really matter if you drop your bags at the door and lose the time either way, you just dont care that others have the same right to make their grocery shopping, most of the pulled triggers are blank anyway so you dont really intend to hurt anyone, you just dont care.. 
Now imagine how you would feel if someone pointed the gun at you in that line. Scared right! You wished you wasn’t at that line, in front of that lunatic, and now you just hope that it’s the blank (s)he will trigger. And then it is a blank..uff what a relief, all the adrenaline that rushes through the body, the relief that you are still alive. When the lunatic is out of site or has put the gun away, you will feel angry, like who is (s)he to play with your life!! You have the same right to be at the line, no matter how much hurry (s)he is in, all of it doesn’t matter, to win some seconds or minutes that lunatic has no right to play with your life! 

So which side are you on? 
I guess most of you wait patiently at the line, because it is NOT OK to threaten others just to skip some places and minutes waiting in the line even if you had a gun or bigger muscles or something to threaten with. And it takes mental issues to pull something like this, right?!

Well now let’s put this to real life in real situations that do occur each and every day somewhere in the world. 

Because this is how I feel quite often when I go for a road ride! There is some lunatic playing Russian roulette with me, for what?! Like today I had two drivers who just didn’t care, and the most irritating thing today was that one I saw some kilometers later just parked at the road side, the driver in, looking at his phone, the other one just turned some hundreds of meters later to home gate and waited for the gate to open. Like really?! I had the rush of adrenaline of being still alive, then the anger, but well you were in such a hurry that others don’t matter. And really -  you pulled a blank, it didn’t even harm anyone, all are still alive. So why would it matter?! Because it is NOT OK . And one day it will be that one bullet that circles in the gun. Only then you care?! When it affects you?! 
Well I have been through so many moments of “uff I am still here, in one piece” so many times and it really irritates me, so if you see me waving the middle finger, well it’s the anger feelings going through my body, if I could I would literally punch the driver in the face, the lunatic has no right to play with my life!

So please all my friends here, not all of you are cyclists and not all of you know how it feels, just care for others, the seconds will pass in standing at the lights or being stuck in traffic anyway, just take care you don’t play with the life of others, sometimes not even realizing how it feels or how dangerous it can be when a car passes a cyclist less than a meter away with more than 40km/h difference. It could take just a small stone or a hole in the ground or the blow of the wind or slight miscalculation to turn things bloody.

I know I have a guardian angel somewhere watching over me, because I have escaped the bullet so many times, but it’s really crazy that I need to feel all those extreme emotions just waiting in line at the grocery store…